Film Projects
TV Projects
Speed TV & NBC get down and dirty with the
high-octane action of 2WD and 4WD closed-course
truck racing. The 2007-2008 season features 25
events from around the country. Image Resources
recorded the play-by-play commentary and kicked
the sound into high gear on our ProTools Mix

WEtv's documentary series gets up-close and
extremely personal with the University of Kentucky
cheerleading squad as they compete for their 16th
national title. Image Resources supplied Avid
Offline Editorial, Symphony Nitris Finishing, Color
Correction and ProTools Digital Mixing.
Four-time SCCA Trans Am series champion
Tommy Kendall straps himself into cars you can
buy and drives them faster than you'd ever dare
on this popular Speed TV series. Image
Resources, in conjunction with Full Nelson
Productions, supplies Symphony Nitris HD
Finishing, Color Correction and a 5.1 ProTools HD
Discover the secret burial grounds of the world's
largest machines and learn how technology and
ingenuity can teach these old dogs some new
tricks. Image Resources mixed"The Boneyard" for
History Channel on ProTools HD.
From the boardroom to the trading floor, Mojo's
groundbreaking documentary series provides an
insider's view of how fortunes are made and lost
on the toughtest street in America. Image
Resources mixes the HD program on our ProTools
Mix Stage.

This History Channel series, produced by
Workaholic Productions, separates the end-of-time
prophecies that appear to be inspired visions from
those that are merely crackpot conspiracy theory.
Image Resources provided sound design and all
audio post for 12 episodes of this 1-hour program.

Imagine for a moment that an alien spacecraft has
crash-landed in the desert, and we humans have
recovered it. What could we learn from the alien
engineers who built such a ship? Image Resources
provided this futuristic sound design for this
History Channel 2-part special from Workaholic

This sequel to the History special Sharpshooters
offers additional stories of world-class exhibition
shooters performing seemingly impossible
shooting feats with all kinds of firearms as well as
longbows. Image Resources provided all sound
design and audio post on this Workaholic
Productions 2-hour special.

For centuries, these celestial travelers have filled
us with fear and wonder. Could something so
destructive hold the key to life? Image Resources
provided the sound design and audio post for this
Workaholic Productions' History Channel special.

Galaxies smash into each other, stars collide with
the force a milliion nuclear bombs and black holes
fuse in a deadly fireworks display. Image
Resources created the vast soundscape and mixed
this 2-hour Discovery special for Workaholic

Join our Paleo-Forensics team as they use the
latest research and technology to piece together
how dinosaurs and other creatures looked, how
they lived, and even how they died. A 2-hour
History Channel special from Workaholic
Productions, with audio post and sound design by
Image Resources.

We've assembled some of today's greatest
sharpshooters to stack them up against the
legendary (and sometimes fictional) feats of the
past, in this History Channel 2-hour special,
produced by Workaholic Productions featuring
sound design and audio post by Image Resources.

Geologists, chemists, astrophysicists, and
theologians come together to uncover the building
blocks of life and reveal the story of how mankind
strives to solve the puzzle of its own existence in
this 2-hour History Channel program from
Workaholic Productions. Image Resources created
the sound design and provided all audio post.

Anaconda. The mere mention of its name brings
images of an awesome and terrifying killer. Image
Resources supplied offline editorial, Symphony
Nitis HD online/color-correction and a 5.1 ProTools
HD mix for this exotic and captivating
This controversial drama about a corrupt detective
unit of the LAPD won wide critical acclaim,
numerous awards and a fiercly loyal audience
when it originally aired on FX. Image Resources
supervised quality control and international
delivery of all seven seasons of the series.